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You guys are one of the most customer centered company in Indian Trading Market. This professionalism shows up in the kind of progress and development that has happened in Myfno, year after year . Whereas most other software only make cosmetic changes only in the yearly upgrades. And in the Futures Trading department, there is no competition for Myfno . It is a unique product in India with no one else even closer.

You guys deserve all the appreciation that we can give. Your work has earned this respect for Myfno in our eyes . You have no idea how much time and effort Myfno saves us on a daily basis. It acts as a central location for all the different components that we need for doing proper analysis. Even before using Myfno, we were using similar kind of data in our analysis, but at that time we had to manually pick up the data from different sources. Then to combine this much data from so many different sources and to keep it updated on a daily basis was really a pain in our a**. But we had to do it anyway because we cannot ignore these critical data points. What Myfno has done is truly a dream come true for us .

Now we get all the data that we need in one Complete Package which takes care of all the basic background work so that we can focus our energy on the "REAL" part. Everything is automatic, we do not have to bother about anything. Symbol addition, deletion, name change etc. everything is taken care of automatically.

Someone who is new to this will not realize how much hard work goes in the background to collect, sort, edit, update so many different data components . And finally the kind of intuitive visualizations that are provided is simply the icing on the cake.

Carry on the good work, appreciations and more business will automatically follow.

Myfno rocks :) .

- NSE Bull

Thank you so much for the cooperative approach Anuraag. It is "this attitude" of yours which separate you guys from others. This customer friend attitude is a major plus point of your software. Not many companies out there can boast of such attitude. Most of the companies after gaining a few thousand customers becomes very arrogant and even stop listening about any individual requirements of a specific customer. But it is just the opposite with you. The more successful you guys are becoming, the more customer friendly you get. You guys provide truly World Class Support, which is far above the typical Indian Support Services provided by most companies. Keep it up.

I mean every single word that I have said. You guys make me feel proud as an Indian. Normally the Indian Companies have "CHALTA HAI Attitude" they take customer issues very lightly and do not understand that it is the customers who ultimately decide the future of any company, no matter how big or small it is.

- Forex Guy
I have been using the SeeDiff MyFnO Software since last 6 years and it has always aided me in my analysis of the derivatives data as it has been covered very systematically and useful for my day to day activities. The software is very user friendly and has been always innovative in adding more tools like charts, pair trading, etc. which makes it more valuable. To me it is a one stop solution for any derivatives data. Thanks!!! - Ashish Chaturmohta , IIFL
Most reliable and efficient software to analyze and interpret F & O data, Filled with user friendly services like export data to excel sheets, export pictures and use them for reports, a software with a unique combination of data and charts studies. - Hemant Thukral , AV Birla group
Seediff MyFnO has helped me to sort daily and historical data in a presentable manner which has been good assistance to do meaningful research in derivatives segment -Siddarth Bhamre , Angel Broking
I must congratulate you for your new software. It is very user friendly and the way I wanted it to be . I am really happy for you and appreciate your continuous efforts of upgrading your software. Keep it up buddy. - Rajesh Satpute , Mangal keshav
it was wonderful to see the new reporting format. real piece of excellent work . my congratulations. well done!! " - Shailendra Bhatnagar , ET Now
You have created really a great software in the field on equity derivatives , I heartily applaud your efforts , you are a king maker in the field of options & u are the most knowledgeable person in India in options . I am really very happy after using such a great software . I am always happy in giving u feedback for the betterment of the software because I want your software to be the best in the industry . Congratulations! - Ankit Ojha , Bonanza Portfolio
I must say ur software has become more powerful than ever before … U can have a monopoly in data analysis softwares if u keep up the good work " - Rahul Sharma , Kotak Securities
I have checked the new version. It is superb. Also we liked your new upgradation features in the original seediff software. Its really good and helpful." - Prachi Save , Dolat Capital
Believe me the understanding u have…. mind blowing….excellent work boss…excellent….its done… This is It ! " - Hemang Gor , CD Equisearch
Thank you for your continual improvement in product. It will take you to all together different planet. " -Suresh Pyarla , Axis Securities
I would like to say this time that you have done a seriously commendable job. I’m loving it. The more i am using myfno, the more i m getting addicted to it. Simply amazing product. " -DC Sethia , F&O trader
I m newly joined member at your site and i must say after my very first but thrilling experience with myfno.com that it is one of the very few and amongst the best site available to FnO in internet. Take my heartiest congratulations for taking such a nice initiative. FnO data at your site is extremely good...very easy to track and very nice presentation of information with great summary. " - Rajesh Jindal , Individual Trader
I would like to inform you that myfno website is working excellent and I have become regular and using it on daily basis as much as never before. It has • Very good Speed • Light and fungible • Navigation is very good. • Charts and other features have improved like never before. • Very good look and feel and organized very neatly and home page is like a beautiful dashboard . • Information is organized very well and relevant information is pumped to help in this Volatile Markets • Global Search option in all the windows is just something very loving . Looking forward to many new features and much exiting things from Myfno. I congratulate you to providing one and all of us a very beautiful, fulfilling experience and I am proud to be Associated with you. - Kunal Sanghavi , Motilal Oswal

My relationship with Anuraag and Seediff is now nearing a decade .. I was at Anand Rathi Securities when I first met with Anuraag and came to know about his product MyFnO. We didn’t hit off instantly but after the initial few meetings we did notice the spark and passion for equity derivatives which had just started to take off in Indian Markets and a handful of brokerages in India had derivative analysts so to say.

To be bluntly honest, if there was a definition of a demanding customer, I was one such for Seediff. In short I was always someone who appreciated less and expected for the money paid as annual subscription and Seediff managed to meet my (virtually never ending) expectations most of the time.. many times later than I expected but nevertheless met them to my satisfaction (hate to use the word satisfaction although).

As time went by, our rapport improved and I started appreciating the methods and contributed in a very small way of suggestions (only suggestions… it doesn’t cost a dime after all ) and that led to some excellent late evening sessions between me and Anuraag discussing about what we were passionate about i.e. Equity Derivatives and its future in India. All I can say that today, Seediff has started a new chapter in its life by launching a new product “MyFnO Web App” which I am sure will be a benchmark in the present decade .. Hope to see him doing well and all the very best …

- K Anant Rao , Kurtosis Analytics