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  • the 'Home' screen is a perfect place to start with   a one-stop place with useful widgets   showing just the needed info from major screens where you can see all updating together on a one-page
  • Get a one-page Snapshot of Gainers, Losers, Price, OI, Volume, PCR, Basis, Rollover, IVs, Delivery, Active Futures, Options etc. ... daily/weekly/monthlyfor any scripgroup/filter
  • See all the stocks ups/downs in one-screen categorized sector-wise ...   and not just for price, but all other FnO parameters also   that too for D/W/M and any scripgroup
  • See a crisp summary of sector-wise action   happening across all the major FnO parameters. You can even drill down by clicking on a specific sector and seeing the details of its components
  • See then Long/Short Buildups/Unwindings   in a colourful heatmap, where it is very easy to spot & sort % changes across all major FnO parameters
  • All Futures in a marketwatch traders terminal view   highlighting not only price / volume, but also vwap, OI, prem/desc, etc. along with D/W/M changes
  • All Options in a marketwatch traders terminal view   highlighting not only price / volume, but also vwap, OI, prem/desc, etc. along with D/W/M changes
  • The action across puts/calls can be seen in a   easy-to-analyse graph   with data not only of price/oi/vol/iv, but also for any expiry & %chgs across strikes
  • You can also see your classic Option Chain , but with added FnO parameters & to highlight data points worth noticing there are intelligent color heatmaps
  • to compare multiple options F&O data and their sparks across strikes in one quick view for easy comparison
  • Choose from inbuilt set of option strategies   or custom build your very own see live payoff & do what-if-scenario analysis along with greeks, to get the possible risk-reward ratio
  • to choose the best strategy based on your market view & risk appetite you can define your target and stop loss levels & lo the app gets you the best strategy based on risk/reward
  • covered calls, butterflies, straddles, verticals, etc. values across multiple strikes
  • to scan for multiple strategys across multiple symbols and multiple strikes in one go
  • Build & analyse Pair strategies across any 2 scrips   with correlation & trade ratios   & see the trading bands along with Buy/Sell/Exit signals
  • Analyse eod / live Charts not just with price, volume, technicals   but with FnO parameters like OI, Delivery, IV, Basis, Rolls, PCR also for D/W/M and intraday intervals too
  • Analyse multiple charts in one-go with   Trends of any FnO parameters across multiple time frames & intervals (live/eod , H/D/W/M)
  • Analyse multiple technical charts in one-go with   Tech alerts & indicators across multiple time frames & intervals (live/eod , H/D/W/M)
  • Compare on any major FnO parameter   a group of scrips across a sector or your watchlist & not only eod, but intraday also !
  • Analyse the % changes across D/W/M/Q/Y periods   for FnO parameters , with easy to spot highlights based on a color heatmap
  • Easily identify stocks trading in the   High-low band of the range   across D/W/M/Q/Y for major FnO parameters
  • See changes for major FnO parameters across various time intervals 5min/10min/60min/D/W/M/Q/Y for major FnO parameters
  • Get FII/DII statistics across   Cash & Derivatives segments   with a neat graphical display of trends for easy analysis & comparison
  • Do it yourself and find the best trade as per your parameters by   simple clicking & filtering   stocks on the go to match conditions of fno parameters, technicals, rankings, etc.
  • Get intelligent system-computed   AUTO Stock-rankings   based not just on price / volume / technicals but also intelligent crunching of FnO data trends of OI, delivery, basis, rolls to arrive at overall Buy/sell signal during   live Market hours also
  • Get a list/box/grid view of your favourite stocks or any scripgroups with all major FnO parameters & %chgs on D/W/M
  • Birds-eye view for all that you need to know about any symbol
  • Get insightful & critical alerts not just for   Price changes, volume spikes or even Technicals   for that matter, but also Long/short buildups, OI chgs, IV spikes, prem/disc, Rankings chgs, D/W/M alerts etc.
  • Live tracking of your positions :   symbol-wise, strategy-wise MTMs with Greeks for risk analysis
  • 100% Web-App

    it is available to you anytime, anywhere.   view on any device with a modern browser: pc, tablet, smartphone pure latest web 2.0 HTML5 technologies NO Flash whatsoever   (... so you can view it on your iPad also) Zero installation, always up-to-date no end-of-day download of quotes / files.
  • Info Tooltips

    Quick tooltips on simple mouse-hover to get a   quick snapshot of the symbol with price, sparkline & fno info
  • Quick Charts

    Conveniently pop-up a quick chart of the symbol you wish to see then & there without opening up another window
  • Auto-refresh

    the app intelligently just fetches increment ticks only   and instead of reloading the whole page again it just updates the required datapoints instantly
  • Watchlists

    you can see data in all the modules filtered according to your user-defined watchlist or from a set of pre-defined scripgroups / sectorwise
  • FnO parameters

      like Price,Volume,OI,Rollover,Basis,IV,Delivery
  • Custom Time-intervals

    get data points across screens with %chgs across 'X' mins/ Daily / Weekly / Monthly
  • Filters

    Filter data based on no. of contracts traded eg. qty>100 or even Monthseries, FOtype, Strikerange etc.
  • Customize view

    you can show / hide fno parameters in graphs / tables by selecting in the toolbar options